16. apr. 2011

Silver ring with oak leaf and citrine

A nice 7 mm glowing citrine makes this ring an eye catcher, like a ray of sunshine has moved onto your finger... (hmm that sounded tacky) I enjoyed making it, seems I`m getting better at tube setting, it is supposed to be easy, but I often end up with the stone slightly askew. I suspect its because I rush, so much better to take it slowly and get everything right the first time, but I get  impatient. The good thing when getting it wrong and having to do things over is learning. I have learned a lot making a design the second or third time, in terms of the fabrication and also design process. A design very often gets better when working through the process multiple times. That was a slight digression.
The ring is fabricated from silver sheet, no cast elements, hammered for texture. A nice comfortable ring.

3 kommentarer:

Syster Yster sa...

Jeg ELSKER den!!! :D Du blir bare bedre og bedre! Sier ikke lite når utgangspunktet var BEST! :D

Iben sa...

Takk U!

Silver Rings for Women sa...

It is good..............thanx for shating us.