7. mai 2011

Tourmaline gold flower ring

Flower ring in 750 gold with tourmalines, one nice oval two tone green and some pink briolette cut stones which I glued into the flowers. It sure sparkles in the sun!
I first made a "sketch" in silver, I twisted the flowers this way and that way... my first idea of the flowers pointing in opposite directions did not work, happy I tried it out in silver before I started making the ring in gold. The following collage is of the process, some of the steps at least. At one point Vilje, the new cat in the house wanted some attention while I was busy soldering, she jumped up on my chair purring while leaning against my butt, she is starting to get the insight that the workbench is a forbidden play area . Sinja, the oldest cat knows not to jump onto my work surfaces, but she also wants attention while I am doing something (in her opinion very interesting). She often marches up to me, looks at me with enormous golden eyes and meeeows loudly.

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